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A Closer Look At Creating Affiliate Website Using WordPress


Multiple ways of monetizing a website aren’t hidden from anyone. Gaining grounds in the web world is affiliate marketing which is open for both, novice as well as established online marketers. If you are a WordPress user and website monetization has been on your mind lately, then transforming your site into an affiliate store is something you should head on to. What you’ll find in...

A How To Guide On Building Custom FAQ Section For Your Plugin


The sole purpose of creating a plugin is to render a stunning user experience. Although a majority of plugins available today come with an easy installation process, there are times when using a particular plugin can turn to be a challenging job. It is here that the role of well-defined documentations and FAQ sections comes into play. What is being covered in this tutorial? This tutorial walks...

WordPress tip: Show posts without any category or even custom term


Recently I needed to show posts that weren’t in any of the categories (for my custom archive page). It is a very common problem that you encounter when adding new custom post types to WordPress. I came up with this little WordPress tip: Let me explain what is going on. We are creating new WP_Query object and passing into its constructor several params (as array). First one is post_type...