Top WordPress Plugins For Boosting Engagement with Readers


An easy-to-use website architecture comprising 50-60% of the global CMS market, WordPress is the most versatile platform that is relied on for getting qualified traffic. As a top-notch blogging platform, WordPress requires generating high-quality content for an increased engagement and traffic. In order to keep up with the ever-evolving blogging industry, WordPress features a lot of plugins that can help boosting engagement and traffic on your website.

So, let’s take out some time to explore some of the most amazing WordPress plugins that will multiply readers’ engagement on your blog.

Better internal link search

Interlinking counts to be the best thing one can do, when it comes to boosting user engagement. When done prolifically, interlinking is the best job. This plugin adjusts the internal link search to locate content by headline. This can also include scheduled posts.

By improving default internal linking, the plugins make it simpler and quicker to search the content you want to link up.

Floating Social Bar

This is one of the super fast and reliable WordPress plugins that allows you to add social sharing buttons. It is a lightweight WordPress plugin that adds a horizontal floating share bar to blog posts, pages and other post types. This feature allows this attractive social media bar to acquire the maximum number of shares from users.

It is easy to add social media share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The plugin is extremely easy to use and has a simple UI. It can be added either strictly on the top of posts or the end.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo for boosting engagement

This plugin makes it easy to customize, meta titles, meta tags, descriptions and XML sitemaps and much more. The plugin comes with a content analysis component that displays a color-coded checklist of items that have been optimized to multiply the SEO rating of content. After being approved by Yoast SEO, your blog gets optimized for organic search.

WordPress Popular Posts

wp popular posts

This plugins highlights the best content on website in order to attract even more attention of users and increasing engagement.

Popular posts based on page views and comments can be displayed using the plugin. Additionally, one can display the list with post thumbnails and can also select popular posts by day, week or month.

Click to Tweet

click to tweet

Create tweetable content for your readers using Click to Tweet plugin. By placing click to tweet box in WordPress posts, you can help bring more users from Twitter to WordPress website.

Pull quotes, custom messages placed inside the body of blog post make your content attractive, viewable and engaging for the readers. Such content can also be shared on Twitter for mass engagement.

InstaNT Articles for WP

instant article for wp

Insta articles for WP allows businesses set up their WordPress site for Facebook Insta articles. Owing to its incredible page load speed, Insta articles more likely to be shared on Facebook. This brings more traffic to the blog posts and also helps expand Facebook Page reach and helps boosting engagement.


These are some top-notch WordPress plugins that top the chart, however, the options are endless. By using these plugins, you can definitely increase reader’s engagement on WordPress posts. Do not limit yourself by just using these plugins. All you can do is, experiment and test with other options as well. All these WordPress plugins are here to stay for long and will definitely help boost ROI and conversions on your posts.

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