12 Lessons About Speeding Up WordPress Site You Need To Learn


Speeding up WordPress site matters in a number of ways among which impact on the overall SEO results is now one prominent. As people would never like to browse a site that is not loading up easily, it can further affect the overall ranking of the site over the web. Even the exceptional WordPress platform cannot do much for you if the site has a lower loading speed. There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress is itself exceptional and the advantages of the platform can be increased if the websites are developed to load easily.

Right from the use of the plugins to taking up some of the most used SEO approaches, there are a number of ways available for developers to speed up the loading of websites. It not only offers an absolutely amazing experience to the users but also helps the website get maximum exposure. Following are more benefits of websites that load easily:

No bouncing back of the online visitors who frequently come for shopping
Giant search engines like Google rank fast-loading websites higher than slower ones

In addition to it, the benefits with a fast loading websites go on and on. Thus, it is a good move for the WordPress website service providers as well as for the users to know and perform the approaches that are important to fasten the websites’ speed.

Here are the tips that can help in speeding up WordPress site!

Choose the services from a good web hosting service provider

The hosting of your WordPress websites is an important factor that influences the ranking of the websites. The shared hosting approach is gaining all the attention with unlimited bandwidth, space, domains and with other prominent reason, but the technique generally fails to deliver the benefits worth of the investment made.

Compress the image size on your WordPress websites

Images contribute to increasing the size of a given web page. Thus, the solution lies in compressing the size of the images without compromising on the quality of the web page. There are different methods available to reduce the size of the image; however, the best one is to use plugins for the same purpose. There are plugins that can help you with optimizing the images on your WordPress websites.

Minimize the JS as well as CSS files

Minimizing the JS and CSS files simply means reducing the number of CSS and JS files. Reduction in the number of these files improves the site-loading speed that further helps in the better ranking. The task is easy to do manually and if the approach seems difficult, there are plugins available for the same.

Frequently cleanup the WordPress database

Deleting the unwanted data from your WordPress database will help in reducing the size of the documents and ultimately the size of the backup. Deleting the spam comments, old drafts as well as fake users is also going to benefit in reducing the overall file size. Also, try deleting unwanted themes and plugins.

A robust lightweight framework for your WordPress websites

WordPress themes have dynamic elements and robust functions with a number of beneficial elements at the same time. No doubt, this sounds appealing for the very first time but remember a plugin/theme with so many elements included in a single framework is going to offer greater load to the server.

When necessary, replace PHP with HTML

This one is a measure to cut down the loading speed of your WordPress websites. Cutting down on the time that websites need to load over the web has greater chances that the visitors will not abandon the site. Thus, it is recommended to include the approach whenever necessary.

Deactivate unnecessary plugins

Uninstalling the plugins that are no longer in use will reduce a tremendous amount of junk from the web files. In addition to it, the approach is also important to increase the size of the backup. It is always recommended to deactivate the plugins that are no longer in use as they are only adding unnecessary load to your websites.

Adjust WordPress settings frequently

There is no point of displaying a 1000 word post over your WordPress websites as no one is going to read the document. More to it, there is no requirement to showcase full page content on the home page only. It is good to change the WordPress settings frequently. The task can be accomplished in the WordPress dashboard > settings > reading panel.

Turning off the inter-blog communication

By default, WordPress interacts with other similar posts that are equipped with trackbacks and pingbacks. Every time a blog post will mention you, it will notify your site. This further updates the data on the post. Turning off this link is not going to destroy the links but the settings that will generate a lot of work for your WordPress website.

Hosting video externally

Hosting video externally is advised if you do not have a super-fast server. These videos will additionally increase the load on the websites and thus, it is advised to host the videos externally by taking the services of YouTube or other similar channels. keeping your server as much clean as possible is always a good practice.

Adding expiration to the static items

Adding expiration to the static images will reduce the number of HTTP requests when other pages are loaded on the site. Adding the expiry time to the images in the site is going to load the page much faster. Faster loading web pages can retain the attention of the visitors for longer times.

Using a CDN

For the visitors from different zones of the world, the site-loading speed will differ. However, there are many Content Delivery Networks or CDNs that work to keep the site’s speed uniform for all the visitors. The basic aim of using a CDN is to serve the web pages to the visitor from the nearest possible location.

The aforementioned suggestions are extremely useful to increase the speed of the WordPress websites. Maintaining the speed the WordPress websites is necessary also as the users are not going to wait for sites to load on the web. They find it a better option to switch to other websites instead of waiting for a website to load. Thus, it is the most important for website owners to increase the speed of their websites.

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