6 productivity tips that might work for you


I read a bunch of this type of articles around the web. Some of them are good some not, but the bottom line is, are we using/trying the tips provided to boost our productivity.

As I am at the life’s crossroads because I made some mistakes that made me overheat and made me sick because of stress and lack of sleep, I decided to write some tips from my experience that will hopefully help someone to stay focused and not sacrifice their health in the process.

We all know that designer’s/developer’s job is stressful with deadlines and clients from hell. But we looove to do it over and over again and don’t have the inner alarm clock which tell us to stop.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Go to sleep on time

Go to sleep on time

Many times I just had to finish something and ended up working till 2 or 3 am. Sure, you can do it for a week or maybe more, but then you just collapse in the morning and your productivity is down 90 %. You gain nothing.

So, it is not hard to got to bed on time so you can rise early and be ready for the challenges ahead.

2. Rise early


As I said in previous tip, go to bed in time, so you can rise early. Most people are more productive if they are early-risers. They get more work done and their stress level is lower.

3. Sleep at least 6 hours per night


OMG, is this guy going to talk only about sleeping? Anyway, without a good night sleep your stress level raise, you drink more coffe and your productivity goes down the drain.

Sleep is important! We are doing business using our brain and it needs rest.

4. Go out and walk at least once a day


Some lucky people can afford a walk in the park during their working hours. But if you can’t it doesn’t mean that you can not go for a walk after work (or even better, before work). Walking for 45 minutes every day is helping your heart and brain to enjoy.

And on weekends go to mountains or nearby lake. Enjoy your days off, don’t spend them in front of TV or computer.

5. Listen to music


Music is the best booster in the world. So, get your headphones and listen to some of your favorite music. It will relax and help you to concentrate. At least that is how I feel when listening to good music.

6. Find happiness in your job


To be productive, you have to be happy doing what you are doing. If your job is to stressful, boss is giving you a hard time or you are not happy, quit.

Yes, quit this stinking job and find one you really can enjoy. This will boost your creativity, productivity and joy. Honestly, this is the most important tip from me. I just did it myself. It was scary at first, but now I see that it is the only good thing to do if you are not happy with your job.

If you are good at what you are doing, then you’ll probably find new job in no time.

I really hope that this tips will help you to achieve the best level of productivity and make you happy doing great stuff.

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About the author

Zvonko Biškup

A passionate web developer with more than 13 years experience in PHP and other web related technology. My main interest is WordPress and new PHP frameworks.
Owner of Influendo Programming.
Enjoys exploring new stuff and possibilities, using new technologies and just having fun developing awesome stuff.

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  • It so true that the only way to get our brain to rest is by Sleep n Refreshing (walking in the park, hang out).

    Thank a lot for your great tips.

  • Great tips. I think the first three tips are the most important.
    If you don’t go to bed early, you can’t rise up early (in most cases). If you can’t get up early, no time to walk or jog.

    I’m training myself to the first three points. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  • we should follow a simple rule. dont live to work, work to live. dont work more than 8 hours. and the most important thing is time management in this profession. otherwise life can be lost. and i saw a real example , one of my friend lost his life because of late night working. so its very dangerous.

By Zvonko Biškup