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ZenOk – 21GB Free Backup and Storage Service

ZenOK Free is an experiment in a new kind of Online Backup built on the idea that you should never have to lose your documents, spreadsheets and photos, and you are always able to access the files that you want.

Here’s how it works: First, you’ll need to download ZenOK Online Backup software. To sign up, you will have to “pay” with a Tweet. Very interesting way of sharing the news with the world.

ZenOK allows you to do backups in simple and effective way. It does not consume resources, allows the compression of files.

ZenOK interface

So, if you are one of those people who never backup your files, now is the time to start.

ZenOK Online Backup keeps earlier versions of your files, so you can always go back to a previously saved file or document.

ZenOK offers 21 Gb of free storage in the cloud with encryption and everything works in just few clicks of your mouse.

ZenOK doesn’t mention whether free online backup will be possible from cell phones, but they say it will soon become available on Apple OSX, Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

ZenOK is available at

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3 thoughts on “ZenOk – 21GB Free Backup and Storage Service”

  1. This offer has spread round the web like wildfire because it sounds so good. But it appears to be only free to store your files, not to restore them (get them back in the event of disaster e.g. your hard drive died)

    This is not what most people consider free online storage!

    According to their website for this ‘free’ Gratis plan if you do want to restore your files you need to fork out around $40 (if less than 100MB restored) or about $100 if you want to recover up to 10GB. No indication of price if you need more than 10GB…

    If you need a lot of free storage, Windows Live Skydrive offers 25GB free – AND it is of course free to restore as many files as you want

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