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The whole world is going mobile and many WordPress users would like to join. But their image galleries are not mobile optimized. This is where this awesome plugin jumps in. WPJaipho is a WordPress plugin which turns your native WordPress gallery (or NextGEN gallery) into iOS mobile optimized photo gallery.

Native WordPress photo gallery is not build to work well on mobile devices as they are made for desktop web. When you open the gallery on your iPhone or iPad device, things get messy. Images are too big, no navigation is shown.

Mobile optimized image gallery fixes the image size, ads swipe navigation and familiar toolbars and give that iOS native look and feel.

wpjaipho mobile optimized gallery wordpress plugin


Just download and activate the plugin and that is all.
No additional configuration is needed. Not even in combination with the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

After the activation, any page containing Gallery made on WP Media Library or NextGEN plugin will work out of the box, transforming the gallery pages into mobile optimized gallery for all iPhone and iPad visitors on your site.

There is a plethora of basic and advanced settings inside the plugin’s option page.

In basic options section, you might find some interesting stuff like changing the WPJaipho theme (skin) or enabling the thumbnails WPJaipho view.

For a detailed explanation of each parameter you can visit WPJaipho’s documentation page.

Supported stuff

WPJaipho mobile optimized gallery for iOS supports native WordPress gallery and NextGEN gallery (which is the most popular WP gallery today).

It also works without any problems on WP Touch and WordPress Mobile Pack plugins.

Extending the plugin

By using WPJaipho hooks, you can develop your own plugin or theme which will extend and use WPJaipho functionality.

All hooks are listed and explained in details here

With current rise of mobile market, WPJaipho mobile optimized gallery plugin is a must have for your awesome WordPress sites.

What do you think of this great plugin? Share your opinion in comments below.

About the author

Zvonko Biškup

A passionate web developer with more than 13 years experience in PHP and other web related technology. My main interest is WordPress and new PHP frameworks.
Owner of Influendo Programming.
Enjoys exploring new stuff and possibilities, using new technologies and just having fun developing awesome stuff.

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  • for the image titles and descriptions- how to change the font size and make it not bold?

  • I hope it is not to late.
    You can change font sizes in jaipho.css in your selected skin folder e.g /wp-content/plugins/wpjaipho/jaipho/Themes/Default/jaipho.css. The descriptions are.covered with #desc-title and #desc-text selectors.
    Right way to change style is to copy skin folder into your custom theme folder and use the jaipho_theme_folder_filter to load it.

By Zvonko Biškup