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How many times did you face a problem that you developed some fancy web application, but your skills as a designer are not that fancy.

Whatever you develop, it will never succeed if it doesn’t look good.

Designing is hard and sometimes you just want to take something great looking and already finished.

That is where guys at 4Templates come in. Believe me, they got all you need: Site templates, WordPress Themes, Business Card templates and more. NAd prices below $30 guarantee that you are getting a bargain.

They even go some great Print templates.

4Templates and Codeforest are giving a chance of winning $50 worth of credit on 4Templates to two of the lucky winners.

You can then spend your credit on State of the art Premium Templates on 4Templates.

How to participate

It is really simple to participate, so hurry:

  1. Share this post on Twitter
  2. Leave a comment below and tell me what will you do with your $50 if you are the winner

Please, leave a valid email address in the comment, so I can contact you if you win.

The lucky 2 winners will be announced on December, 14th on this blog.

About the author

Zvonko Biškup

A passionate web developer with more than 13 years experience in PHP and other web related technology. My main interest is WordPress and new PHP frameworks.
Owner of Influendo Programming.
Enjoys exploring new stuff and possibilities, using new technologies and just having fun developing awesome stuff.

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By Zvonko Biškup