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Universal subtitles on Mozilla Drumbeat

I accidentally bumped into a very interesting project called Universal subtitles. The idea is to create Open lookup standard that will enable anyone to create subtitles and translations of any video file available.

That sounds great. I really like TED videos, where you can choose to see subtitles in different languages.

This project will contain three essential parts. The first is user friendly widget that will allow us to add a subtitle to any video.

The second part is creating a new open standard that will allow clients such as Firefox extensions, desktop video players, websites, or browsers to look up and download matching subtitles from a whitelist of subtitle databases when they play video.

And the most interesting part is Collaboration. Yes, like Wikipedia for subtitles. I will quote this:

An online community for collaboratively subtitling and translating the world’s videos (like a Wikipedia for subtitles). The site will have special tools for versioning, incentives for different types of collaboration, and all subtitles created here will be available in any context via our open protocol.

All project details and links can be found on Mozzila Drumbeat page and interested people can apply for private beta testing here