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How to install Memcached on Windows machine

Many of us use Windows machines for development. Sometimes it is hard to test some cool Linux stuff like Memcached on Windows and I am often too lazy to install some virtual machines. So I googled for a while and installed Memcached on Windows. Here is how you can do it too.


PHP basics – Forms

Today I am going to cover forms in PHP. Forms are basic thing when you need to post some information to your application in order to save it to database, email it or print it. I am going to show how to pass information through form to another page and how to do it using AJAX, so your page does not need to refresh.


Cache for your database queries

You built your site and everything is working fine, but when there is a lot of users on the site, your database becomes a bottleneck. I will show you how to deal with it using simple file cache system for your database results.