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ThemeScripts giveaway – winners

As you already know I presented a new project called ThemeScripts. It is a place where you can find all kind of goodies like jQuery sliders, jQuery plugins, WordPress Themes, HTML/CSS Themes, Forms and much more.

You don’t know? What are you waiting for, go to ThemeScripts site and browse the goodies.

Yeah, it has been nice to have such a lovely response on Twitter and here in comments. Not as much as one would expect, but thank you all guys. 😀

So, here are the winners:

Table of Contents

Third prize

The icon collection goes to Matt Zimmerman. Congrats.

Second prize

The banner for 30 days goes to Sumon Seleem. Congrats.

First prize

The WPBids license goes to Nick Plehanov. Congrats.

I will contact all the winners by email and send them their prizes.

Thanks again. For others, better luck next time.


5 thoughts on “ThemeScripts giveaway – winners”

  1. Woot! Hooray! I win this. Thanks for the opportunity Zvonko.
    And…. waiting for another such awesome giveaway.

  2. Ямщтлщб will i have all the benefits of the WPBids theme, ie. lifetime support , psd’s, usage on unlimited domains etc. ?

      1. Ah, ok.

        Playing around with WP Bids…and should say… it’s really, really cool WordPress app. Very useful for freelance work.

        Thanks again Zvonko!

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