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Redesign and relaunch – new responsive design

After some months of silence, it is time to launch the new Codeforest and its new, crisp and responsive design. Hard work made this blog even more readable on mobile devices with some new features launched now and some to come in the following weeks.

The good news is that the redesign is finally over, its responsive design is awesome and I can now concentrate on creating even more great development content.


This redesign took months of work by two of my friends and the results are really awesome. The whole design was done by Tomislav Pocedulić aka Potzo and front-end was developed by Zoran Jambor who is the author of a great newsletter called CSS weekly.

Codeforest responsive design

Codeforest is now responsive and you can enjoy and read it even on your mobile devices. The whole site is totally adjusting even on the wide desktops, so there is no empty space around the site.

It is following the latest web standards and using HTML5 and CSS3 goodies to achieve this functionality.


New features are here, but are still hidden and will start to appear in the next days/weeks.

Speed is what I had in mind while remaking the blog, as the previous version was a little bit slow. I reduced the number of plugins and made some caching and other tweaks to make sure that Codeforest opens fast.

One of the new features include a weekly roundup of interesting stuff to help you to easily follow what is cooking on the interwebs.

Newsletter will also become a steadily part of this community.

There are some ideas in my head and I will inform you about them as soon as they become reality.

All source code created in tutorials from now on will be available on my GitHub account, so you can easily download, use it or even improve it.

Big thank you

All this would not be possible without you, my readers. So, thank you for your support, tweets, likes and everything I received in the past two and a half years.

I can only promise to bring even more great content, tutorials and news.


If you stumble upon some bugs or have anything to say, I created a repository on GitHub, so you can use the fantastic issue tracker there.

Please be descriptive as much as you can, so I can reproduce the stuff you submit there. And add as much data as you can like browser type, OS version and other important stuff.