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Laravel Application Development Cookbook – Review

Laravel, the PHP framework for web artisans is more popular ever day with its simplicity, excellent OOP approach and the greatest community PHP has ever seen.

Laravel Application Development Cookbook from Packt Publishing is, as its name suggest, a recipe book with mini tutorials (over 90) which helps you solve development problems easily. Book starts with basics – installation tips and tricks, and quickly goes forward to more advanced topics.

Don’t be alarmed, even the Laravel beginners can follow this recipes.

Every recipe is concise of several crucial elements: Getting started, How to do it, How it works and There is more; so reader/developer can easily know what to expect in every new chapter.

This is great, as more experienced users can just browse the code inside How to do it section and not read the detailed explanation of How it works. So best of both worlds.

There’s More section of the recipe explain some ways to extend the tutorial.  The See Also section typically points to related recipes, or recipes that could be cooked together to produce a more robust solution.

I really like the fact that book really goes to even more advanced examples of real life usage of Laravel without sacrificing readability of the matter. Book is also concentrated on best practices and security best practices which is excellent so beginners do not learn wrong practices or use insecure code.

All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone using Laravel as it has a unique approach to teaching (recipes).

You can get the book from Packt Publishing or Amazon.