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Creating mobile apps with jQuery Mobile – review

I got to read this excellent book from Packt publishing on creating mobile apps using Jquery Mobile.

When I started reading the book, I immediately realized that this book is not for total beginners. You have to have some prior knowledge of jQuery and PHP. Which is definitely great news.

You will need a web server to follow the tutorials from the book and I would recommend Wamp server for quick and easy start on Windows, and some kind of a text editor like Sublime Text or Notepad++.

Shane Gliser is a kind of author with first hand experience with jQuery Mobile, Shane’s primary passions are user experience and the mobile web. Shane began working with jQuery Mobile while it was still in the Alpha 2 phase and deployed American Century Investments’ mobile site while the framework was still in Beta 2.

As I said before, this book assumes that reader has HTML/CSS/jQuery and some PHP experience to better understand the examples and principles.

I really like how author address common issues that new users to jQuery mobile sometimes have. Things like adding custom icons to jQuery Mobile, Google Maps and form validation. Client-side templating is really a nice touch and well explained to the reader.

Book is a really great introduction in jQuery Mobile and starts with  prototyping, responsive design and HTML5 features like video, audio, geolocation and web storage which is all you need to build a modern mobile app.

Book also explain some PhoneGap basics which allows you to use several APIs and contain your mobile app in native container for several platforms.

All in all, a great jQuery Mobile book.

You can buy it from Packt Publishing or Amazon.