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A Closer Look At Creating Affiliate Website Using WordPress

Multiple ways of monetizing a website aren’t hidden from anyone. Gaining grounds in the web world is affiliate marketing which is open for both, novice as well as established online marketers. If you are a WordPress user and website monetization has been on your mind lately, then transforming your site into an affiliate store is something you should head on to.

What you’ll find in this post?

This post speaks about the variety of affiliate websites which can be created using WordPress. I’ll also make you familiar with the different methods utilized for the same along with key reasons supporting the use of WordPress for building an affiliate site.

Understanding the three types of affiliate websites:

Coupon Websites

These are the online portals which collect the customer’s name, contact details and location, enabling him/her to make a purchase using the chosen coupon. Clicking on a particular coupon code takes the customer to a new page which displays the coupon cost, size of discount and saving and the date/time when the coupon expires.

Price Comparison Websites

These are the sites which contain a master product along with a list of other e-stores which are offering the same product at different prices. Such sites allow customers to get a clearer idea about the price variations available for a specific product.

Product Review Websites

Reviews play a vital role in determining the sales of a product. Review sites are the ones which contain reviews for different products provided by global customers. Within these reviews, there are links of other websites which are offering the reviewed product at different prices.

Why choose WordPress for building affiliate websites?

  • Involves lesser coding
  • As compared to other website development software programs, WordPress doesn’t involve a lot of coding. You can opt for WordPress themes which enable you to design your site in an easy way. It’s quick and simple to integrate adverts.
  • A majority of WordPress themes come pre-equipped with a separate advertising space which can be used for putting up a new affiliate advertisement.
    WordPress is backed by a strong support community
  • Developing your affiliate website with WordPress won’t give it jitters in case you tend to face any issues at a later point of time. There are WordPress support forums where you’ll find thousands of designers, developers and experts ready to help you out with resolving the issue(s) immediately.

Now, let’s have a look at the 3 methods utilized for converting a plain WordPress setup into an affiliate site.

Method No.1- Using Coupon code plugins

Installing coupon code plugins into your existing WordPress site will allow you to make money via coupon codes placed on your site. These coupon codes belong to your affiliate partners. Here’s a quick overview on three popular WordPress coupon plugins:

Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator

This is an easy-to-install WordPress coupon plugin which allows you to create new coupons in addition to managing the existing ones. The best thing about this plugin is that it can be used with any WordPress theme.

JC Coupon

JC Coupon is a plugin which once installed in your WordPress site will allow you to create coupons using a simple administration page, followed by adding them into your posts or pages with the help of certain shortcodes.

WordPress Coupon Code Generator

As the name suggests, this is a WordPress coupon plugin which allows you to generate a random string that can be used for the coupon code, voucher code, promo code or the API Code.

Method No.2- Using Price Comparison Themes

Here’s a look at three of the finest WordPress themes specially designed for building price comparison websites:

Responsive Comparrison Theme

Rsponsive comparrison theme

As a simple, premium WordPress theme, Responsive Comparison comes loaded with functions which allow you to create a unique comparison website in a simple way.

Themeforest Compare

As a fully customizable WordPress theme, Themeforest Compare allows you to build a price comparison website with the convenience of altering the color settings and adding different sliders.

Templatic Price Compare Theme

This fully-wisgetized WordPress theme allows you to create truly amazing price comparison websites. Post an installation of this theme onto your WP site, all you need to do is add the Amazon or Commission Junction feeds and you can get started with displaying products(catered by affiliate partners) on your site.

Method No.3- Using WordPress Review Themes

Now, let’s get to know about three renowned WordPress themes which serve as handy options for creating product review websites:


Pro Review Theme

This is a feature-rich WordPress theme used for creating a review site. Some interesting features worth making a note of include: CNET style editors and user ratings, Top ratings widget, Multiple layouts, Ratings by Feature and many more.


Brought to you by Elegant Themes, InReview is a clean WordPress theme that comes packed with a wide range of shortcodes for successful implementation of review website development project. Although this theme lacks support for schema-org, it does include some exciting features such as: a slider, feature ratings, Author and User Ratings and a set of widgets.

Smart Reviewer

This is a WordPress theme that uses a Pinterest style layout for showcasing a range of reviews on your WordPress website’s home page. Loaded with all the basic functions such as: user ratings, ribbons, affiliate links etc; this WordPress theme is the best tool for migrating to an affiliate version for your WordPress website.
We’re done!

Final Words

Migrating from a mere WordPress website to a full-featured affiliate site has become feasible with the existence of the above mentioned four methods. So, get going with using the method that will suit your site monetization requirements in an excellent way.