Speed up your site instantly using this simple tool


This article will show you a simple tool to instantly speed up your site just by adding one line of code to it. In today’s world, optimisation of the web site is a difference between high converting place and no converting place. Amazon researched that just by removing 100ms of your site load time, adds 1% of conversions. In Amazon’s World, 1% is a huge amount of money, but on smaller...

Improve WordPress Speed in simple steps


Speed undoubtedly matters and is being considered in everything, whether it’s a car speed or just a business website loading speed. None of us can neglect its significance at all. When it comes to the technology, WordPress is the most feature-rich CMS embellished with top-class functionality that can not only optimize your website speed, but also reap the benefits. Being a webmaster, if you have...

WordPress issue: menu disappeared after saving


Recently I’ve ran into a serious pickle – WordPress menu disappeared on me after adding new items and clicking on “Save menu” button. Naturally, I’ve tried increasing “max_input_vars” cause WordPress is known to be messing up menus with large items (menu in question had 89 items). But this didn’t help. So, I’ve started debugging and found out...

WordPress tip: Show posts without any category or even custom term


Recently I needed to show posts that weren’t in any of the categories (for my custom archive page). It is a very common problem that you encounter when adding new custom post types to WordPress. I came up with this little WordPress tip: Let me explain what is going on. We are creating new WP_Query object and passing into its constructor several params (as array). First one is post_type...