Top 5 Web Development Platforms That Simplified E-commerce


Owning an E-commerce website is no big deal these days. But showcasing an exemplary shopping website with all unique features is something different. Every business owner who thinks of establishing an online business could be spoilt for choices where s/he has to choose the right framework, functions, and features that would turn their business dream into reality. It is not everyone’s cup of tea...

12 Lessons About Speeding Up WordPress Site You Need To Learn


Speeding up WordPress site matters in a number of ways among which impact on the overall SEO results is now one prominent. As people would never like to browse a site that is not loading up easily, it can further affect the overall ranking of the site over the web. Even the exceptional WordPress platform cannot do much for you if the site has a lower loading speed. There is no doubt about the...

WordPress issue: menu disappeared after saving


Recently I’ve ran into a serious pickle – WordPress menu disappeared on me after adding new items and clicking on “Save menu” button. Naturally, I’ve tried increasing “max_input_vars” cause WordPress is known to be messing up menus with large items (menu in question had 89 items). But this didn’t help. So, I’ve started debugging and found out...

A Closer Look At Creating Affiliate Website Using WordPress


Multiple ways of monetizing a website aren’t hidden from anyone. Gaining grounds in the web world is affiliate marketing which is open for both, novice as well as established online marketers. If you are a WordPress user and website monetization has been on your mind lately, then transforming your site into an affiliate store is something you should head on to. What you’ll find in...