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Zvonko Biškup

A passionate web developer with more than 13 years experience in PHP and other web related technology. My main interest is WordPress and new PHP frameworks. Owner of Influendo Programming. Enjoys exploring new stuff and possibilities, using new technologies and just having fun developing awesome stuff.


JQuery zoom plugin – Cloud zoom

Cloud Zoom is a jQuery plugin comparable to commercial image zoom products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.


Debugging PHP in browser’s Javascript console

Many times I was thinking that it would be nice to debug all my scripts in only one place. And then it occurred to me. Is it possible to use FireBug’s console to debug PHP? Here is a quick tip on how you can make your life easier and do it yourself.


PHP Security – using salt to improve password protection

Passwords that your users enter to log in to your site are the most attacked piece of code traveling through the internet. Using brute force or dictionary attacks, hackers today can break some passwords, even if they are hashed using md5. Here is a quick tip on how to make hacker’s life bitter.


Top 5 online CSS sprite generators

CSS sprites are great to increase the speed of the web site by decreasing number of requests it takes to download all of the graphics needed for it. Sometimes, it is not an easy task to make sprites, or write proper CSS code for using them. So I gathered a small list of 5 top online CSS sprites generators.

memcached banner75

How to install Memcached on Windows machine

Many of us use Windows machines for development. Sometimes it is hard to test some cool Linux stuff like Memcached on Windows and I am often too lazy to install some virtual machines. So I googled for a while and installed Memcached on Windows. Here is how you can do it too.