Grand Themescripts opening giveaway

I’ve been quite busy these days working on new projects. One of the projects is finished. It is called ThemeScripts and you can find great resources on it. But wait, I am giving some prizes away, so read on.

json loiane

Android JSON-RPC client and PHP Zend Framework server

XML-RPC rules, but the amount of data it generates is its big disadvantage. This is where JSON-RPC steps in. Data it generates is significally smaller, this isn’t suprising as JSON is known as fat free XML. In this article we will build JSON-RPC server using PHP and Zend Framework, will test this server with jQuery JSON-RPC client and then we’ll proceed to building Android JSON-RPC client. In the end I will give test results for XML-RPC and JSON-RPC.

Windows Virtual PC

An example of bad UX: Windows Virtual PC

I’ve tried to install the Windows Virtual PC a few days ago. I’ll show you (step by step) what happened and explain what went wrong, because I feel that we all should learn from mistakes of others (and make sure we don’t repeat them).