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Improve WordPress Speed in simple steps

Speed undoubtedly matters and is being considered in everything, whether it’s a car speed or just a business website loading speed. None of us can neglect its significance at all. When it comes to the technology, WordPress is the most feature-rich CMS embellished with top-class functionality that can not only optimize your website speed, but also reap the benefits.

Being a webmaster, if you have faced the worst speed of your website and still worried about it, then taking an imperative step to get it faster should be there. You will always be one step away from success until you own the website with optimized speed. So, start getting benefits by adopting this worthy approach and improve WordPress speed in this simple steps.

Necessity To Amplify The Speed of WP Website

Are you amazed with the benefits generated from fast to load WP website? If yes, it is obvious to think like that because a speedy site actually improves the opportunities. Hence, you must be familiar with its importance that how it can offers endless advantages.

WordPress Speed

Steps To Accelerate WordPress Site Loading Time

To help the webmasters, we bring proven steps that can definitely help you elevate your WordPress site. Let’s discuss the effective tips:

  1. Play Down HTTP Requests

Whenever the audience go through your site, then corresponding files should be redirected to the respective visitor’s browser, including images, CSS files, and JS library references. It has been often analyzed that the unnecessary files detract the performance and keep the website faraway from good performance. Takeaway this by eradicating everything which is unnecessarily available. If you use plugin, then understand its exact impact over the code as excessive page loading time is not worth it anymore.

  1. Optimize Images To View Correctly

However it depends on format of image you use, but most of the images comprise extraneous metadata that are too large in size. Due to the lack of knowledge, many designers are unable to compress them efficiently before going to upload on the web. The uncompressed images drastically affect the influential appearance of a site and the inexperienced webmasters usually forget to do this task and upload the large size image, which is wrong. Hence, optimize them the first and then display on the Internet.

  1. Minify JS, CSS, & HTML

The spaces & tabs structured in a well manner under the code section make the code human-readable, and servers/browsers never take care of it. They just demand to be validated so that the code can be executed without bug or error. To improve the performance and make the file downloading faster, you just need to remove whitespace from the file. You may use WP-Minify plugin or W3 Total Cache plugin to tackle this problem thoroughly.

  1. Try To Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is one of the effective solutions to speed up site. This prominent network is absolutely the high-performance source that replicates your website’s static asset, afterwards only delivers to the visitors from its nearest POP. We cannot neglect its power in terms of optimization substantial these days to beautify the WordPress website.

  1. Components Must Be Compressed

If you want to attain fast to load website, then compress the components/files on the webserver and this should be done before sending file to the visitors. To execute it, you may have to drop code of some lines in .htaccess file.

  1. Use Stylesheets At Top

As a website owner, we never want to present content in unstyled format in front of audience. Loading of files accountable for visual appearance should be the first so that these can load appropriately to HTML.

  1. Keep Scripts At Bottom

You should endeavor to use scripts in the bottom which is required to deliver content in the fastest way.

  • Deliver content as quick as possible

  • Don’t go with unstyled content

  • Load those files that need interaction

  • Thoughts behind it are quite simple and users are unable to interact with content until it’s viewed

  1. Take Advantage of Browser Caching

Through this, you explicitly instruct browsers to load the files in specific time period. When you need it, the browser will pull it at the local cache despite of making request for this from server.

Running the site without browser caching is impractical and does not make sense as it needs more work and efforts. Hence, browser catching must be utilized comprehensively.


No matter how great your WordPress website looks, but provides seamless experience only if it runs fast. The speed of site matters a lot; hence, follow these essential steps to get optimized WP website for your business. These proven steps would definitely help you accomplish this need. For the effective results, you may also research deeply over the Internet and even take inspiration from your competitors site, then apply some innovative yet lucrative approaches to amplify the speed. Hopefully, you’ll like this post. Feel free to provide us your valuable views about this post.

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